Launch the Cultural Support Project, “Creator’s Bonding by ThreeBond 2012”

ThreeBond Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of industrial adhesives and sealants which are essential to Monozukuri (manufacturing), such as that of automobiles and electric equipment, has been proactively committed to activities that have a challenging spirit and contribute to society under one of our founding principles, “To serve mankind and society through work.”
We plan to launch our new cultural support project, “Creator’s Bonding by ThreeBond 2012.”
This project aims to nurture young people with diversified sensibilities and ideas and lead them to innovative Monozukuri through our various support activities that “bond and link together” creators, people, companies, and cultures around the world.
This year, we are supporting Mr. Yasushi Matsumoto, a creator, who will challenge himself with new techniques to express interior space using the camera optical mechanism in “Milano Salone,” the world’s largest design festival, which will be held in Italy in April, 2012.

Outline of Mr. Yasushi Matsumoto’s exhibition at Milano Salone

Title: “SOTTOSOPRA – Fusion of interior and image in the dim light”
Content: Sensory installation using the camera obscura
                 Give shape to a poetic and fantastic world where many small images, in which our real world seems to be condensed, are floating.
Period: April 17 – 22, 2012
Venue: La Triennale di Milano Garden
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