About Epoxy Resins

1. Characteristics of epoxy resins

Excellent characteristics of epoxy resins

  • Excellent mechanical strength
  • Excellent resistance to heat
  • Excellent resistance to chamicals
  • Excellent adhesive strength
  • Low curing contraction

Epoxy resins are well-balanced industrial materials, and used for a wide variety of applications.

2. One-part and two-part resins

Curing of one-part epoxy resins

Characteristics of one-part epoxy resins

  • One-part, which is easily managed.
  • Low probability of skin damage due to the hardener.
  • Excellent heat resistance.
  • Needs heat for curing.
  • Thick film curing may be difficult.
  • Probability of uncured state when used in a minute clearance.

"One-part" is the biggest advantage.

Points for selecting one-part epoxy resins

Properties before curingViscosity, thixotropy, and color
Curing conditionsHeat resistance of workpieces and time from application to curing
Properties after curingAdhesive strength, hardness, elasticity, luster, properties of insulation and heat dissipation, and ease of repair
Strength during heating (hot processing)Tg (Glass transition temperature)

Please select one by examining these conditions enough.

Curing of two-part epoxy resins

Characteristics of two-part epoxy resins

  • Cures at room temperature without heating.
  • Excellent chemical resistance and dielectricity.
  • Burdensome measuring and blending of two agents.
  • Probability of skin irritation due to the hardener.
  • Short working time.

To cure at room temperature is the biggest advantage.

Points for selecting two-part epoxy resins

Base agentConsider color and viscosity.
HardenerCuring time/temperature, strength, flexibility, etc.

Basically, the combination of the main agent and the curing agent is selectable.

3. FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions from customers

Q1. How high is the resistance temperature to heat?
Use a glass transition point as a measure of the maximum temperature for adhesion. Pyrolysis temperature of the epoxy resin is from about 250 to about 350°C.
Q2. How to peel off bonded adherends.
Basically, it is impossible, although it may sometimes become more peelable when soaked in a solvent or heated above the glass transition point.
Q3. How to make the epoxy cure (it doesn't cure).
One of the following might be a cause:
One-part: Insufficient temperature and/or time, sinking, or separation.
Two-part: Incorrect blending ratio, mis-blending, or insufficient temperature and/or time.


Epoxy resins are one-part or two-part industrial materials that have respective advantages and can be exploited in a wide variety of industries offering excellent mechanical strength, heat resistance, and chemical resistance.

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