About Instant Adhesives

1. Characteristics of instant adhesives

What is instant adhesive ?

Advantages of instant adhesives

Instant adhesives have the following advantages:

  • Cures quickly at room temperature.
  • One-part nonsolvent.
  • High adhesive strength.
  • Bonds a wide variety of materials.
  • Excellent transparency after curing/

Adhesive strength for a wide variety of adherends

Lap shear strength for various plastic types

2. Preventing blooming

How to prevent blooming

For conventional instant adhesives, the monomer of overflowed portion at the bonding vaporizes and reacts with moisture in the air, and becomes a polymer. The polymer stucks to the adherend and turns into white powder.

Use with curing accelerator

Drop a curing accelerator over the overflowed portions to accelerate curing.

If overflowed portion cures fast, its reaction with moisture in the air can be avoided, and the blooming doesn't occur.

Use adhesives with added light-curing property

An instant adhesive with added light-curing property instantly cures the overflowed adhesive through the photo anion polymerization by light irradiation. It does not cause bleaching.

An instant adhesive with light-curing property was first developed by ThreeBond in the world.

Use an odorless, low-blooming type

In this type of instant adhesives monomer is hard to vaporize, and blooming rarely occurs.

Use a coating equipment

Using a coating device we can control application amount of adhesives not to overflow them and not to cause blooming.

Please contact ThreeBond about instant adhesives that prevent blooming and related products.

3. Instant adhesive type

Instant adhesives for a wide variety of uses

ThreeBond offers a wide range of adhesive types.


Standard type

TB7780 series

Fast-curing type


High peeling, Impact resistance type


Multi-primer for instant adhesives materials


High resistance to moisture and heat

TB1770 series

With UV curing capability type


Instant adhesives are excellent adhesives that not only shorten the process time in production lines, but also have a wide variety of use with high versatility.

We are ready to listen to your application request.

We, ThreeBond are always making efforts to offer products that will best suit your design requirements.

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