About UV Curing Resins

1. Characteristics of UV-curing resins

What’s UV-curing resin?

UV-curing resins are materials that are polymerized and cured in a short time by the energy radiated from ultraviolet irradiation devices. These are especially used as industrial materials for sealing, bonding, and coating.

Excellent characteristics of UV-curing resins

  • Because the curing speed is fast, working hour is shortened.
  • Because they do not cure without UV irradiation, restrictions are few in the coating process.
  • They can cure at a low temperature.
  • Because of nonsolvent, one-part resin, they provide good workability.
  • A variety of cured features is available.
Because the products provide these advantages, cost reduction can be achieved in various fields.

2. Radical polymerization and cationic polymerization

Types of UV-curing resins

In next page, these two types are compared.

The next page introduces ThreeBond’s products in different types.

3. Ultraviolet irradiation devices

Conveyor type

Suitable for mass production of mid- and large-scale workpieces.

Spot type

For bonding and partial temporary fixing of compact parts.

Handy type

Built-in type in the production line.

Unit type

For partial irradiation to experimental or large-scale workpieces.

We, ThreeBond, are proposing various models, from simple type to a line built-in type.

Points to select a lamp or a lamphouse

  • Appropriate wavelength of the lamp Short wavelength is effective for surface curing and long wavelength for depth curing.
  • Enough emission intensity Select them considering the attenuation of the light intensity due to a long use of the lamp.
Please note especially above two points to choose the lamp and the lamphouse for a UV-radiation system.

4. Application examples and notes when you use them

For the display panel of a cellular phone

Application notes when you use them

  • Set optimal irradiation conditions (illuminance, time, etc.) according to your purpose.
  • Evaluate the resins under the same curing conditions as the mass production to minimalize an initial trouble of mass production.
  • Check regularly to see if the set irradiation conditions are maintained.

Please use local ventilation, and use gloves and protectors to prevent skin damage.


As the UV curable resin is single-component and non-solvent, it does not contaminate the work environment with any solvent. This adhesive is cured within seconds. Its excellence in mass production significantly helps reduce the production processes.

We, ThreeBond, are always making efforts to offer products that will best suit your design requirements.
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